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  • Project - Wooden base - Length
  • 24"
  • Project Wooden base - Width
  • 16"

Energy From Sound/Speaker

This is innovative School Project where students can learn and demonstrate working how sound or vibration can be converted to free light energy.
Rs1800 incl tax
excluding shipping

Energy from Speed breaker - New model

This new model is very efficient. When vehicles pass over this speed breakers electricity is generated and lights are glow for FREE.
Rs3658 incl tax
excluding shipping

Energy from waste/exhaust gases

Waste gas from industry, vehicle can be used to generate electricity. This is reduce the harmful gases left to atmosphere. Energy produced can be stored in rechargeable batteries.
Rs3186 incl tax
excluding shipping

Escalator Working Model

This working prototype of escalator has 2 switch to move the escalator in up and down direction respectively.
Rs4484 incl tax
excluding shipping

Ganga Cleaning Plan

This project practically shows current issues polluting Ganga holly river and possible ways to clean it applying today's technology. The prices includes for spares like batteries.
Rs4012 incl tax
excluding shipping

Garbage Energy - Wet Garbage power

How wet garbage can be converted to electricity. Simple 1 LED will glow.
Rs590 incl tax Rs531 incl tax
excluding shipping

Geo Thermal Power Plant and distribution system

Heat from the Earth, or geothermal — Geo (Earth) + thermal (heat) — energy is accessed by drilling water or steam wells in a process similar to drilling for oil.
Rs4189 incl tax
excluding shipping

Global Warming

This simple to demo demonstrates how global warming impacts to mother earth like i. Wild Fire ii. Industry smoke iii. Vehicle smoke iv. Water scarcity causing draught v. More snow melting vi. Floods vii. Birds and Animal dead
Rs1859 incl tax
excluding shipping