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  • Project - Wooden base - Length
  • 24"
  • Project Wooden base - Width
  • 16"

Eco Hightech Village using Bio Waste

A working model depicting how future village will be self-sufficient w.r.t power generation like power harvesting from Solar, Wind, Water and bio gas, manure etc.,
Rs5200 incl tax
excluding shipping

Eco House – 3 in 1 – New Model

This is innovative School Project where students can learn and demonstrate working of I. Rain Water Harvesting II. Solar Energy to Light Energy(Garden Lights) III. Solar Energy to Sound Energy(Calling Bell) IV. Solar backup V. Wind energy to Balcony light
Rs2975 incl tax
excluding shipping

Eco Power for green city

This working prototype has 1. Power generation from wet garbage. 2. Power from Sun – Solar 3. Wind Power Simple to demo and explain
Rs5782 incl tax Rs5664 incl tax
excluding shipping


Rs2000 incl tax

Emergency Alert Mechanism

Shows live working of 1. Tsunami Alert 2. Rain excess alarm 3. Earth Quake simulator and alert mechanism All alerts are shown via light and sound.
Rs5000 incl tax

Energy from Hums - Modern Infrastructure

This is new project where free nonpolluting source of energy can be generated (light energy here) whenever vehicles passes over the humps.
Rs2800 incl tax
excluding shipping

Energy from shock obsorbers

Light glows when pressure applied vertically
Rs1888 incl tax Rs1652 incl tax
excluding shipping