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  • Project - Wooden base - Length
  • 24"
  • Project Wooden base - Width
  • 16"

Water Pollution v2.0

This model demonstrates students how different sources of pollutants pollute the fresh water like domestic waste, industrial chemicals disposal, animal bathing etc.,
Rs1200 incl tax
excluding shipping

Wind mill kit v 5

This wind mill is efficient one with just gentle blow of air the light glows bright white. Here 3 Lights are connected.
Rs1239 incl tax Rs1121 incl tax
excluding shipping

Wind mill on hill top v2.0

A modern eco green solution building modern towns, community to power the by harnessing wind power which is absolutely free, clean and plenty availability. Lights 12 LED lights using 3 DC generators. Each generator when air blown from mouth, hair dryer the LED’s glow bright.
Rs2714 incl tax
excluding shipping

Energy from sea water

This is good project for school project or science fair exhibition.
Rs2600 incl tax Rs2400 incl tax
excluding shipping

Types Of Pollution v2.0

Project demonstrates practically: Noise pollution Air pollution Water Pollution Soil Pollution The project looks like students made using house hold items (non industrial material) and at the same time economical working and innovative based. Student can add/remove any/all components in project.
Rs950 incl tax
excluding shipping

Solar Irrigation

Solar Irrigation with garden light with Submersible water pump and rechargeable batteries.
Rs3000 incl tax
excluding shipping