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Simple RC Bot

Its IR Remote control Kit for 2 motors. Ideal for using in any manual robotics competition. Easy and simple to build your first remote controlled robot in less than an hour. Grab it and take it to next level.
Rs3186 incl tax Rs2950 incl tax

Fire Fighting Robot

This is simple, easy to demo fire alert robot which produces loud noise when fire is detected. The Robo goes on wheels and when fire is detected it stops ans give alarm...and once fire sensor come to lower temperature the sound stops and robot goes aheaf this new version no need to have black road and chart.
Rs3658 incl tax
excluding shipping

Smart Bot

Smart Bot is a Quickly Programmable Robot. Smart Bot is specially designed for beginners in robotics and for all kind of robotics enthusiasts, starting from small kids to adults.
Rs5900 incl tax Rs5310 incl tax

Gesture controlled wireless robot/car

This super next technology make your robo car move in 4 direction just by waving hand over the sensor and car will move in that direction. Simple to demo. Just 3 to 4 components to assemble. Do and show off to your friends.
Rs5782 incl tax Rs5546 incl tax
excluding shipping

Mobile Controlled Robot - Controlled from any where

Mobile Control Robot next gen multi-purpose robot which can be used to navigate your robot in any direction. Its simple and easy to demo. This is also be used as floor cleaning robot. Features: Moves in any direction Has horn Has DC motor control
Rs6608 incl tax Rs6785 incl tax

Simple RC Robot

If computers, mobile are today's gadgets, technology Robotics going to take on from here. Be a master before the world is. We have simple to highly customizable robot kits
Rs33040 incl tax Rs2950 incl tax

WiFi Controlled Robot - Science Projects

This is simple WiFi RC smart robo/car(no internet required for working)is designed and developed based on ESP-12E from ESP8266, which can be controlled by mobile, PC or just from any browser.
Rs5310 incl tax