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Accident Prevention Alert Mechanism - Science School Project

A modern road safety using cool next generation sensor where 2 vehicle are moving in opposite direction at ‘U’ turn or blind turn alert each driver with sound horn and avoids the possible dangerous accident.
Rs3304 incl tax Rs3245 incl tax
excluding shipping

Accident Prevention and Alert mechanism - City Roads

This is working model where vehicle going on the speed breakers will emit light on the road where vehicle coming behind gets alerted and avoid accident and even in case vehicle goes to man hole will give acute sound to intimate others to take immediate action
Rs7906 incl tax Rs7788 incl tax
excluding shipping

Automatic - Park Lighting

Automatic lighting control for parks and botanical garden
Rs1900 incl tax

Automatic Night Lamp

This energy saving technology automatically switches on the street light once it’s dark after sun set and switches off automatically when sun is rising thus saving power and cost for the community.
Rs1652 incl tax Rs1475 incl tax
excluding shipping

Dam v1.1

This is a working prototype of Hydro power station with glowing 4 Led lights. Since need water flowing from at least 10 feet and large volume we here demonstrate the same via external power. Here once valve is opened water will flow and on click of switch 4 lights will glow.
Rs3245 incl tax
excluding shipping

Doppler Effect

This kit demonstrates how Doppler effect works
Rs1416 incl tax
excluding shipping

Eco Power for green city

This working prototype has 1. Power generation from wet garbage. 2. Power from Sun – Solar 3. Wind Power Simple to demo and explain
Rs5782 incl tax Rs5664 incl tax
excluding shipping