New products

Smart Street light - DIY Kit

Simple interesting next generation street lights that can be controlled remotely via mobile app over wifi - No internet required
Rs1475 incl tax

Rain water soaking road

This advanced Modern road can soak rain water and avoid rapid flooding and save man and material.
Rs3800 incl tax
excluding shipping

Home Automation - Cheap Sonoff Smart Wifi Switch Universal DIY Remote Wireless Smart Switch - Kit

Always wanted to build your own Home Automation project - If yes this is the right places to get started. It's cheap, easy, simple to get started - Just plug and play. Sonoff are smart WiFi Wireless products which will connect with your home appliances and lights by Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely turn devices on or off, check devices status through the APP in your smart phone.
Rs999 incl tax

RGB Torch

Make you own color using smart phone app connected via wifi
Rs1770 incl tax
excluding shipping

Smart Camera

An intelligent AI and ML based technology camera built with raspberry pi 3 board which can describe an image taken with objects present in image.
Rs11210 incl tax

Home Automation - Google Assistant Voice Controlled

Control any device AC or DC from your voice with help of Google Assistant in Android smart phones. No code necessary to be written. It's simple DIY kit. This is simple IOT based project.
Rs4130 incl tax

Mobile WiFi controlled RGB USB Reading lamp

We are proud to announce the prototype of new product. The RGB lighting can controlled by any smart phone wirelessly and without internet required.
Rs1650 incl tax